I've been there, too.

December 1,  2019

I am not a therapist. But I’m also not your father’s financial advisor.

I ask my clients to share stories and information that they might normally save for close friends and family, or even, keep completely to themselves. You bare your vulnerabilities — your financial landscape, your triggers, challenges, goals, and the dreams you hold close to your chest. It is an honor to be trusted with this information. You do this so that I might help guide you towards a life that’s in sync – your money, time, and energy (physical, mental, and emotional) are working together in service of your deepest needs and goals. 

It takes courage to be vulnerable.

I’m not in this profession to craft a financial projection that doesn’t account for the reality that life doesn’t always go according to plan. I’m here because I’ve been in your shoes, and I know that a financial plan won’t do me any good if I’m desperate for a need that can’t be addressed by a formula. How can we reduce a divorce, a death, any hardship really, to a presentation or report that software spits out? 

Software doesn’t understand our grief at the loss of a family unit or member,  an illness or circumstances beyond our control; it doesn’t understand how we can be driven by our emotions to make something stop, to keep holding on until the bitter end. Or keep hoping until we’ve lost our way, and our purpose. 

I’ve made many mistakes while fully understanding the financial ramifications. I’ve hung myself out to dry financially in hopes that it would bring my family back. Thinking that getting an attorney would make things “worse”. Thinking that if only I gave a little more, tried a little harder, I could get what I so desperately clung to. 

I’ve also done the very things I counsel my clients against – trying to maintain a lifestyle for the kid’s sake, even when I couldn’t afford it, and they didn’t need it. I’ve tried to assuage my guilt with money until there was no money left. 

I look at my past and all the mistakes I’ve made as collected wisdom that I use daily in my practice, because I’ve been there, too. It’s been a journey for me to accept my situation, financially and personally; but once I accepted my reality and looked for the possibilities within my control, things started to change. 

The reasons my clients come to me are varied, and it brings me joy when helping clients figure out exactly how they can afford a high-priced teardown in Culver City so that they can open the door for Fido to a backyard. But there are many chapters to life; some bring joy, some bring sorrow, and some are inextricably entwined. I endeavor to meet my clients where they’re at, and work with them to find a way through their obstacles and towards their goals.

My formal education is a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from UCLA. My certification as a Certified Financial Planner ® means I underwent rigorous training in all kinds of financial topic areas: from taxation to insurance to investments to retirement. But it’s my personal experience and suffering that gives me empathy and insight into my client’s lives. 

Thanks to my personal challenges, I had to create new opportunities, and that’s how Modern Assets was born. It’s more than a career, it’s my calling.